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Soles- foot worship

  • 1 - Soles- foot worship  - Mistress Alexya
  • 2 - Soles- foot worship  - Mistress Alexya
  • 3 - Soles- foot worship  - Mistress Alexya
  • 4 - Soles- foot worship  - Mistress Alexya
  • 5 - Soles- foot worship  - Mistress Alexya
  • 6 - Soles- foot worship  - Mistress Alexya

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Length: 3 min

you can not resist Me

  • 1 - you can not resist Me - Mistress Alexya
  • 2 - you can not resist Me - Mistress Alexya
  • 3 - you can not resist Me - Mistress Alexya
  • 4 - you can not resist Me - Mistress Alexya
  • 5 - you can not resist Me - Mistress Alexya
  • 6 - you can not resist Me - Mistress Alexya

Added: 2 weeks ago


Length: 0 min

gloves fantasy

  • 1 - gloves fantasy - Mistress Alexya
  • 2 - gloves fantasy - Mistress Alexya
  • 3 - gloves fantasy - Mistress Alexya
  • 4 - gloves fantasy - Mistress Alexya
  • 5 - gloves fantasy - Mistress Alexya
  • 6 - gloves fantasy - Mistress Alexya

Added: 2 weeks ago


Length: 3 min

Cleavage worship

  • 1 - Cleavage worship - Mistress Alexya
  • 2 - Cleavage worship - Mistress Alexya
  • 3 - Cleavage worship - Mistress Alexya
  • 4 - Cleavage worship - Mistress Alexya
  • 5 - Cleavage worship - Mistress Alexya
  • 6 - Cleavage worship - Mistress Alexya

Added: 1 months ago


Length: 3 min

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Smoke, inhale, open your mouth slave


Added: 2 weeks ago

Heels and stockings


Added: 2 weeks ago

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Latest Blog Posts

Dont try to be what I want , BE what I want

Posted: November, 27, 2016

When ure not ready to submit to me ( cause being my slave it requires a lot ) then dont TRY, dont waste my time, dont bother me, dont try to be what ure not! I learned something, ure submissive or not, u will never become one, ure born with submissive character, u like to be one, u feel inferior, u dont become one.

I will ignore u , block u as soon as i feel ure not what im looking for and we will both waste time and energy  so dont do it.

66484-Dont try to be what I want , BE what I want-Mistress Alexya

Type of slaves? I feel worthy ones and other wankers

Posted: November, 26, 2016

Lets start with introducing u some type of slaves i meet on cam, is 10 years of doing this cam domination, i have met a few type of people calling themselves as "slaves"  I call them boys, cause most of them are not aware of what this (slave) means exactly.  

1. big mouth is that boy that thinks he is able to do anything for u . (me- what fetish  have?  )  (slave - anything u want, i'd do everything, no limits, just tell me what to do. I will give u everything.) while he is never able to spend more than 10$ or 2 mins in private

2. not a slave is that boy that he believe he is not a slave, he feels strong men and never tried to be a slave before, and my magic he fall under my spell and BOOM he become my slave, of course he dont pay too much, scared, shy, confused bla bla bla. He gets offended on first  loser calling he gets, but he feels so weak only with me , after a while he start to call mistress and goddess all girls online and he call himself an experienced slave.

3. big fan  is that boy that comes every night to see me, silently, learns, he hear my every word, the way i treat other slaves, he learn my every habits on cam, my program, my other slaves, and when he serve in private i get surprised of what a big fan he is , was and will be for long time.

4. trained slave is that type of boy that have served multiple dominant girls, all different attitude and style of course and he pretend to be trained already. Just to let you all know, no one is ever prepared for a new experience, u cant put your old experience with new one.  Each domme is different, your training means nothing unless is very generous financially, very amusing as performing.

5. good slave is that slave that dont talk a lot, he always respect privacy, he never talk unless he is asked, he never come up with other slaves in chat, he is not friendly, he is submissive, he knows his place, he never bother without paying first, he is there more often than normal. He obey every command he pay tribute, he put Mistress first of everything else.

6. pay slave is that guy that comes to me, pay a lot , very obedient,but he dissapear as  fast as he appeared lol. He afford to send me or big tip on site/ multiple or he send me big cash tribute. well for sure i wont see that slave for next months, minimum 3 haha. but at least he gets drained very fast for my pleasure

7. long term addicted is that type of slave that serve me many years and keep coming back, always and forever, of course he not always able to afford me, he keep trying to run, he try other girls, but he always end up in my video, addicted, humble, and fucking degraded for being an idiot.

 In the end, if u ever do a mistake u will get one chance in depending of mistake of course, if is not something that bothers me too much u get a chance , BUT.... if u ever switch, if u ever insult me, if u ever treat me like your gf or act dominant with me, if u consider yourself too good to pay then u will NEVER EVER  get a second chance.

Recently a non slave thought he is not a slave anymore , he dont take insults from me and he feel offended that i dont trust him, i dont trust my slaves, im not here to trust my slaves, im here to use them not to marry them wtf! thats why is fetish world, thats why they are submissive and im dominant, cause Im the one that makes the rules.

I never force people to serve me, to be my slaves, thats most pathetic thing!  They search for best domme, i search for best slaves, if we meet and have good connection then we connect, if not, ure free to keep searching as ill never push u stay with Me, i dont need you but you NEED ME ! ;)

66482-Type of slaves? I feel worthy ones and other wankers-Mistress Alexya

Stop hidding, ure lame

Posted: November, 17, 2016

Don't be pathetic, i see you!  I fucking feel you!  your loser essence as guest, staring at me so many times, as other member name trying to fool me in private or not even, in here around reading, wanking, staring, worshiping me. All this while u try to stay away from being dominated, away from being trapped by me again. Can't you see it ?  You're addicted, is forever loser!  You will fucking end up begging as all other losers before, i always said it and i'll keep saying it!  you little useless wankers, u always come back to Me. Dont hide anymore, show yourself, serve again, visible this time. With your money u spend on Me, i feel your weakness taking control even more over u, ure screwed, u must submit.

65692-Stop hidding, ure lame-Mistress Alexya
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