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This website is the only place where i will post my most playful, secret, and exciting pics and videos. I built this especially for you guys, my fans, so if you want to be a part of the secret special moments of the fun i have, create an account now. This VIP account will provide you all my updates for new shoots, trips i am planning, and performance dates, so if you wanna keep up with me, make sure you're keeping up with all of me I try and do a little something special for my new fans, so expect some exclusive live shows for when you get inside.. i like being real-time for all my fans, and i really like having fun and enjoying myself! Why not come inside, and have some fun with me?

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Gifts spoil, so happy


Added: 1 week ago

This is how I look happy like


Added: 2 weeks ago

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New slaves impressed Me

Posted: October, 16, 2016

59056-New slaves impressed Me-Mistress Alexya

New slaves are here to spoil Me, it seems that they got really fast addicted and they started to spoil Me with gifts, I know that no men can resist Me and this is how once again I prove u that no sub is able to stay strong in front of My seduction and dominant attitude! I rock your life, I change your thinking, I break your rules, I fuck your dreams, OWN you humble slave. New slaves like slavetime and slave michael have got on their knees instantly, slave sam, slave beo, slave shitface, slave humanashtray, slave chucky have done a good job lately. Keep working slaves!

The irish pig is back

Posted: October, 16, 2016

59054-The irish pig is back-Mistress Alexya

After a long time feeling stupid, shy and worthless , the irish pig is back crawling to be drain, degraded and punish again, as i always tell you  slaves, u all come back, on your fucking knees like losers you are! Is time u stop being a pussy, u only make it worse by trying to stay away. When u come back u will regret for trying to forget Me,is impossible ! Now u better work fucking hard to be able to recover all u owe Me.

New challenge / Changes

Posted: October, 05, 2016

58194-New challenge / Changes-Mistress Alexya

Seems i always get to a time where i have to dismiss some things.New challenge, let's test all devoted slaves. My site is dedicated to submissive males, i dont know how comes that i also have regular non submissive men following my blog, my pics, videos. I dont want to sound rude, but since ure here and u read this, ure as fucked up as the others, ure trapped, in love, addicted, weak, whatever u like to call it. you all have a common thing and that's Me ! I want you all follow my twitter - mistressalexya and make sure u stay updated with sites where u can find me online all the time. Sometimes i make changes, if ure very interested , u may message and ask Me.

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